The T2T  was born in the heart of Randy Sperger a missionary who as worked among unreached peoples all around the world from his base in Costa Rica  and Dr. John Johnston Pandy  a native Papua New Guinean pastor and international evangelist around 2012. One day after Randy preached in John´s US church in Cincinnati, Ohio they got to talking about Central American Tribal Christians and Native Papua New Guinean Christians. We asked each other were they beginning to obey the great commission by forming their own mission societies and sending their own missionaries. Our response was yes but in both case they were just beginning.  We decided that it would a great help if  he visited and encouraged our Latin American native peoples to obey the great commission and that I should seek to send some of our Central and South American Christians to Papua. SO TRIBE TO TRIBE WAS BORN

In 2015 we held our first T2T event for Central America inviting tribal leaders from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.  We blessed at that time to  to have an international committe of faithful missionaries and Christian workers from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, USA/Papua and Perú.  The conference is organized by the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood and  Green Earth Development Teams. The organizational committee is chaired by brother Randolph H. Sperger director of the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood. Distinguished committee members are:

  • Luis Eduard Blanco: Tribal Training Coordinator for Costa Rica.  Luis has been  Costa Rican missionary among the Cabecar Tribe in Costa Rica for over 20 years.
  • Randy Sperger: committe chairman and founder of the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood mission and president of Green Earth Development Teams.
  • Dr. John Pande: John from the Melpa Tribe and a Papuan Native. He is our Papua New Guinea(PNG) Field Director. John is presently based in Cincinnati, Ohio but is moving soon back to PNG.
  • Eva Mamaní Casa: Our language development expert and is helping keeping our Tribal Language Development Program in line with good sociolingüistic practices. She works with SIL/CILTA
  • Arlene Brown: our faithful secretary. Without her T2T couldn´t advance like it has up to now.
  • Alfredo Martínez: Nicaragua Field Director for IFMB (ASOMENIC (site under construction but please feel free to  check it out)) and director of T2T Nicaragua.
  • Lester González: Youth Mobilization Director Asomenic and ardent youth mobilizer in Nicaragua with Link.
  • Jairo Mora: Tribal Missionary apprentice from the Cabécar tribe of Costa Rica, theology and sociolingüistics student and missionary candidate.
  • Crisanto Moya: Tribal Missionary apprentice from the Cabécar tribe of Costa Rica.

In 2016 we held a small Tribe to Tribe Papua New Guinea event and in 2017 we held T2T Nicaragua.

Our vision is to mobilize the world´s tribal leaders to form indignous missions structures and send tribal missionaries to the world´s remaining unreached tribes.

T2T is not just an event it is a process, the beginning of a movement of tribal peoples going to tribal peoples around the world. So there is much more that will need to be done after the conference.


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About the Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood

The Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood is a covenanted apostolic brotherhood of Latin American missionaries, sending base directors, missions trainers, missions mobilizers, development workers and businessmen and women and their families that was born in 1997 as the result of several national and international consultations on the need to establish an international missions structure that would seek to recruit and train Latin American missionaries who are driven by the holy passion to know Jesus and to be conformed to His image (Phil. 3:10; Rom. 8:29 ) and who are convinced they have been created in Christ Jesus for the sacred task (Eph. 2:10) of fully preaching the King by word and deed, always striving to preach the gospel not where King Jesus´ is no named lest they build upon another man’s foundation (Rom. 15:17-20).

By the grace of God The Costa Rican Evangelical Missions Federation (FEDEMEC), our first effort in indigenous mission planting , is now a fully indigenous interdenominational mission society organized as a federation of more than 25 denominations and Christian service organizations in the Central American country of Costa Rica, and has become a model of Christian unity and successful pioneer missionary work being done from a two thirds world country. FEDEMEC currently has around 100 missionaries on the field in more than 20 unreached peoples groups. Now the Lord has called us to found and grow an international  Evangelical Frontier Missions Order that has the following vision and mission:


  • Our ultimate vision is that … All nations (panta ta ethne) and all things (ta panta) have been placed under the Sovereign Lordship and obedience to the faith of Jesus Cristo unto the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Romans 1:5; Eph. 1:10) Specifically  by faith, what we believe things will look when we’ve finished our course…
  •  Many of us have reached the UNION ( by union we mean a more perfect submission and ethical-moral joining of mind, understanding and will to the Lord) OF THE LIKENESS OF THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST. We think, talk and act like Jesus in everything we think, say, and do. (Ephesians 5:1,2)
  • We have established apostolic recruiting, training and sending communities in every country of Iberoamerica.1 (2 Kings 3:16 ; 2 Kings 6:1-4; Jn. 1:38,39; Matthew 10; Luke 9,10)
  • We have achieved a minimum missiological breakthrough in 400 unimax people groups, planting apostolic communities and bands in each group, that by God’s grace, are able to disciple the rest of their group through church planting movements that are organized in clusters of biblical, dynamic, indigenous missions minded churches governed by their own apostolic leadership who are an example to the flock of God in Christ likeness and missionary fervor and sacrifice.
  • Many aspects of the 12 fountains of culture in many of the nations we work with have been purified and placed under the sovereign lordship of Jesus Christ. (see our soon to be published book: “Healing the Twelve Fountains of Culture”
  • The result of our radical spirituality, ideals, our community based lifestyle, preaching, teaching and writings have inspired the Church in many parts of the world to adopt the Apostolic Rule as their way of life and ministry.


  • We will fulfill our vision by seeking to glorify God and passionately loving Him over all things, and by diligente seeking TO KNOW HIS SON KING JESUS and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings being made conformable to the image of His death and by striving TO MAKE HIM KNOWN among all nations (panta ta ethne) for the obedience of the faith, for the love of His name, so that all peoples and all things may be brought under His Sovereign Lordship.

1 “Iberoamérica” refers to the Iberian peninsula which is made up of Spain and Portugal. The term “Iberoamérica” comprehends all of Spanish speaking Latin America, Portuguese speaking Brazil, the Hispanics and Portuguese speakers of North America and Spain and Portugal.

2 Unimax :  a maximum size people group within which a church planting movement can occur without encountering barriers of comprehension or acceptation that could impede the grow of the gospel and the people of God in that group.