Making a donation for sponsoring a Tribal missionary for T2T is very easy, quick and secure! The goal is to provide a scholarship for most of our beloved native leaders (1st nation leaders). To do that we are looking for individual donors, pastors, churches, denominations, businesses and business owners, and organizations that want to be a part of T2T by sponsoring one or more tribal brothers or sisters. Each sponsorship pays for travel expenses from their capital city, food and housing during the event.

STEP ONE: Register as a sponsor in the form below indicating the country of the tribal leader you want to sponsor:

STEP TWO:  Click on the red sponsorhip button. This will take you to our partner agency, Hope for the Hungry and our Costa Rica non-profit, “Tierra Verde” that will channel the funds to the sponsored tribal o national missionaries accounts.

Sponsor a Tribal or National Missionary Now