Mission Structures

The following is a lecture  given by my mentor Dr. Ralph D. Winter. In T2T PNG on the 18th – 21st.  I  will be doing an indepth message called: Apostolic Mission Structures for PNG. Frontier Missions Fellowship begins the published article on this topic with the following introduction. [Randolph H. Sperger]

In an address given to the All-Asia Mission Consultation in Seoul, Korea, in August 1973 (the founding of the Asia Missions Association), Ralph Winter describes the forms that God’s two “redemptive structures” take in every human society, and have taken throughout history. His thesis has two major implications: (1) We must accept both structures, represented in the Christian church today by the local church and the mission society, as legitimate and necessary,and as part of “God’s People, the Church”; and (2) non-Western churches must form and utilize mission societies if they are to exercise their missionary responsibility.