T2T Latin America is about native peoples reaching reaching out to native peoples! T2T is native peoples obeying the great commission. The vast majority of native peoples in Latin America have indigenous christian movements among their peoples, churches have been established with indigenous pastors and many have programs of evangelization and discipleship within their tribal territories. But tragically many tribes with indigenous churches are not obeying the great commission. They need help.  We think the best way to do that is Tribe 2 Tribe.

Tribes helping tribes to evangelize and disciple tribes. Also Latin America still has less than a hundred truly unreached ethnolingüístic groups  the majority in Brazil with lesser numbers of groups in México, Peru and Colombia. T2T is set to help our tribes reach out, evangelize and disciples those groups. There are well of 1000 groups with christian movements among them. But the Great Commission is not just about evangelizing, discipling and transforming peoples in our one region. The Great Commission commands us to go and make all nations King Jesus´s disciples. That means our native peoples need to send their own missionaries to  unreached tribal peoples and other people all around the world. T2T exists to help and facilitate our native peoples as they obey that task.

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