When I consider necessity of teaching anthropological tools for missionaries to Tribal Christians I am reminded of a story I heard of years ago. I can´t remember the source, however. The story goes like this: A Chinese missionary left his home town and walked over a mountain range and went down the other side to evangelize another Chinese culture different from his. He is in china and working with peoples that are familiar to the Chinese. But as the months passed and passed and his church never heard from him, they began to wonder what had happened. They sent someone from the church over the mountains to check on him. They found him in an ethnic Chinese village. He had gone crazy. The culture shock on even a Chinese man going to Chinese people groups was too much for him. He lost it. I have shared that story often when some of our Latin American folks consider taking the gospel to local tribals or even to Spain often they don´t take very seriously the cultural differences. After all most of them speak Spanish. A fatal error!

Missionary anthropology training  for tribal missionaries will be just as important for them as it is for  Westerners.